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Overview of this Website

This is an example of a WordPress Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) with geo-location capabilities that was built entirely with only free plugins. The data in this website is from an NSF research project for testing soil samples. The project studied soil samples which contained bacteria that could break down the chemicals paraoxon or methyl parathion.

Please see our Help page for an overview of the main sections of this site. Also, the short course of How to Build Your Free ELN covers the basics of what is required to build a free ELN similar to this one. 

Creating a Clone of This Website

If you wish to create a clone of this free-eln website, then it is straightforward if you have some basic knowledge of building websites. Further information and installation files are available on the MyLabBook website at

Assets Used on This Website

Unless otherwise notes, the icons and graphics have been obtained from the website. We used only graphics designated with a free license for this website.