Cloneable Free ELN

Data Types in GeoDirectory


In the free version of GeoDirectory, there is only one type of custom post types, namely the Places custom post type. Clicking on the Places >> Settings menu will display the list of fields types that you can attach to the Place custom post type.

The standard field types include the following.

  • Text field – Plain text field that has a maximum of 256 characters. Note that if you click the Show Advanced button at the bottom of the Field Settings for this field, then you will see at the top of the form that this is a CHARACTER data type.
  • Integer field – This can be confusing, but an integer field can be added using the Text field and then clicking the Show Advanced button and then selecting NUMBER from the Data Type drop down at the top of the Field Setting form.
  • Decimal Field – This is similar to the Integer field except you choose the DECIMAL value from the Data Type drop down at the top of the Field Setting form.
  • Text Area – This is for text that is longer than 255 characters. You can also utilize a Rich Text (HTML) editor by selecting the Advanced editor toggle in the Advanced settings for this field.
  • Checkbox – One checkbox for binary fields (e.g., yes/no)
  • Radio – A radio button that allows only one selection out of an entire list of items. This is equivalent to the Select data type, but with a different interface.
  • Select – Displays a drop-down select box to pick one item out of a list of items.
  • URL – For providing a hyperlink URL, for example for a website
  • File Upload – Allows you to upload and store files on the server. You can designate which file extensions to allow.
  • Date – Date picker for selecting a given date
  • Time – Time picker for selecting a given time
  • Phone – For storing a phone number
  • Email – For storing an email value
  • Multi Select – Displays multiple values in a list and allows the user to select more than one value. The interface can use check boxes, radio buttons, or a list.

There are also Predefined Fields available. Most of these fields would probably only be applicable for studies of sociology, psychology, epidemiology, or similar fields where user behavior needs tracking. Some fields that may be more universally applicable include the following.

  • Video – Upload video sequences of relevance
  • Website – Store website URLs that may be relevant

One approach to building an ELN would be to make a list of all of the data you want to collect for your study. Then map the data that you want to collect to the data types that are listed above. Sometimes you may need to be creative and the data type may not be optimal. That is then up to your judgement call whether it would be prudent to choose a more specialized ELN than is available from the free version of WordPress.